Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tafe staff

What's her job?
She started to do payroll and now she is doing secretary work for teachers from ESOL department and rebooking for whole college.

Does she like it?Why?
Yes, she likes her work because she can learn new things, get new tasks and meet a lot of people. This is keeping her interestied It keeps you ongoing in interested.

What type of people does she have to deal with?
She meets people with non-English background and also English speakers.

Where is she from?
SHe is from north of NSW, Balama, which is near the Bayron BAy at Gold Coast

Why did she come to Sydney?
Mainly - the job and something new and exisiting.

How old was she when she came?
19years old

e miss?
The beachs.

Where would she like to live eventually?

What's wrong with Sydney, according to her?
Sydney is too busy, getting too old, very rushing, crowded.

How long does it take her to get to work?
30-35 minutes each way.

What about the things she likes about this city?
Theaters, restorants, Habbor bridge, Tarongo Zoo, multyculchurals
Now write 4 or five more questions for the last part of the interview

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

the answer about Uni student

1.What is he studying?
Building constraction managment.

2.What year is he doing?
4th year

3.What subjects has he done?
Architecture, engineering, law, contract law

4.What subjects has he enjoyed the most?
Structial engineering
Is the course a practical course?

5.Has he got any plans to continue studying?
He'd love to go to industry, try different kind of job and try to understand which kind of job he likes more.

6.What are his plans for when he finishes uni?
Migth be go to the beach if there's a good weather. He'd love to go overseas to Europe

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Hi, everybody! I am a new blogger! How are you all there?

I am from Omsk. And this picture is about my city.